Our story

Since 2009, we’ve been co-creating an environment in Brno for investments with high value-added and furthering research, development, and innovation.

Our team at the Brno Municipality Office has spent more than ten years co-designing tools to help develop talents. Since 2010, we’ve supported the development of services for the arrival of qualified experts from abroad.

Since 2011, we’ve offered current students the option to join their ingenuity and skills with urban development as part of an inter-university competition.

Since 2013, we’ve invested in the talents of future generations; we support two distinguished centres that popularise the natural and technical fields, namely the Brno Observatory and Planetarium and the VIDA! Science centre.

Since 2017, we’ve cultivated the digital service Brno iD to benefit the city’s inhabitants and visitors.

2021 was the year that innovation, research findings, and development started to play an active role in public administration.

Since 2022, we’ve found a way to support FabLab Brno. And in doing so, we lit the spark for an innovative approach to education and digital craftsmanship.

In 2023, we have found a new way to systematically support the popularisation of digital skills on the one hand. On the other hand, developing much-needed new talent for the digital economy. Women. And all thanks to Czechitas.