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We’re a team from the Department of Strategic Development and Cooperation, which supports innovation development at the Brno Municipality Office.

In popularising science, we cultivate the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, a city contribution organisation, and participate in the operation and innovations at the VIDA! Science Centre. As well as FabLab Brno and Czechitas. We organise the Days of Electron Microscopy, run the competition Brno PhD Talent, and operate the Czech lectureship in partnership with Kharkiv in Ukraine.

We support entrepreneurs from promising and risky tech startups via Prototype and Verify, develop the export capabilities of small and medium entrepreneurs (Centre of International Trade and Cont(r)act), and cultivate both local and foreign investments in critical areas.

We actively work with research centres and scientific infrastructure and support the arrival of crucial talents to applied research with high potential for commercialisation (Junior Research Group Leaders).

We take care of the arrival of foreign experts (Brno Expat Centre) and contribute to innovative services and products with the cooperation of business owners and creatives (Creative Vouchers Brno).

We work so that the innovation brought by the business and science/research spheres are injected back into the City of Brno. We digitalise city services (Brno iD) and promote intelligent urban solutions.

Contact information

František Kubeš
Head of Strategic Development and Cooperation Department
Tel.: +420 542 172 322
Jakub Rybář
Head of Cooperation and Development Department
#businessinbrno #scienceinbrno #smartbrno
Tel.: +420 542 172 274
Jaroslav Petrák
City Innovation Specialist
#smartbrno #cityinnovation #brnoid
Tel.: +420 542 172 305
Eva Holzová
Manager of Smart City Events and Projects
#smartcity #eventsandprojects #foreigncooperation
Tel.: +420 542 172 460
Lucie Mezníková
Private and Academic Sector Specialist
#business #university #innovation
Tel.: +420 542 172 273
Hana Janošíková
Economic Marketing Specialist
#marketing #mipim2023
Tel.: +420 542 172 267

Where can you find us?

Cooperation and Development Department
Strategic Development and Cooperation Department
Brno Municipality Office

Address: Husova 12, 602 00 Brno
Telephone: +420 542 172 274
Email: smart@brno.cz

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