Brno Laboratory of the Future

Innovation Policy in Brno

The history of Brno’s investments in innovation goes back to 2009. E.g. the first supported project Innovation Vouchers were later implemented nationwide by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Consequently, same time was launched a successful and awarded program for talented doctorates (Brno PhD. Talent).

The Regional Innovation Strategy describes these steps on the united path towards urban and regional prosperity.

Regional Innovation Strategy

Surprisingly the fifth generation of innovation strategy, for the first time, outlines the public sector as a recipient of innovations. For the first time, it defines a new role for both the South Moravian Region and the City of Brno. Hence public sector started experimenting with new solutions from local start-ups.

Specifically, to have new services more accessible to the city’s inhabitants and visitors, simplifying cities processes. Moreover, it contains bringing intelligent solutions to the streets of Brno.

This can occur in activities such as building entirely new neighbourhoods, like Špitálka, or in partial solutions that may even go unnoticed by passers-by. The fact that they’re saving money, time, and the environment around them is enough.

Brno – Laboratory of the Future

In accordance with goal 7 of the newest version of the Regional Innovation Strategy, we’re testing innovative solutions in Brno’s public administration.

We’re working on increasing the innovative potential at the Brno Municipality Office. Currently, two working title projects are underway:

1. The Secretary’s Innovative Challenge 

(An internal system for proposing and implementing improvement designs and small innovations within the Brno Municipality Office.). The pilot run for this project will launch in the summer of 2022.

2. Brno MMB Vouchers 

(an innovative MMB scheme – that transfers intelligent solutions to the operations of the Brno Municipality Office).

By the end of 2022, we’ll complete a rules proposal for the project Brno Smart City vouchers. The project aims to continually transfer innovative solutions from Brno’s innovative companies and science/research institutions to Brno’s urban communities.

3. Artificial Intelligence

In cooperation with the community platform BRNO.AI, we’re preparing possible tasks for the pilot use of artificial intelligence when selecting routine actions within the scope of the Brno Municipality Office.

4. Eshop of digital services

We’re developing the e-shop BRNOID.CZ. A new “guest mode” was just added to the site so orders can be made without needing to log in (e.g., this pertains to the city contribution organisation Brno ZOO, tickets to the city-owned company STAREZ-SPORT a.s., or tickets to the city’s ferry ride provided by the Brno Public Transport Authority). Also, the option to pay for most services offered by the city contribution organisation Jiří Mahen Library in Brno was launched via Brno iD. Brno iD also includes a newly provided reservation and ticket purchasing system for the city contribution organisation Brno Observatory and Planetarium, previously supplied via an external marketing system.

5. Inter universities Idea Lab

We are continuing our partnership with the inter-university student competition MUNISS. This competition sees experts from the Brno Municipality Office prepare topics important for urban development every year. The students, grouped into multi-disciplinary teams, search for solutions to these topics.