Planet Festival 2023


Get to know the dark side of planet Earth in the park on Kraví hora. From July 10 to 16, the Temnalona with Terralona (the night and day forms of the Earth) will be on display. From August 1 to 8, they will be joined by Lunalon (i.e. the Moon), Marsmelon (Mars) and Heliosphere (the Sun).

What programme has the Observatory prepared for you? Look under the tab PROGRAMME of the festival. Are you wondering WHERE TO GO? Come to Kraví hora, preferably by tram. But before that, read the IMPORTANT INFO.

“Temnalon”, or a model of the Earth at night, will now grace the Planet 2023 Festival.

If you find it appropriate, HELP US with the event’s organisation. This year, for the first time, you can also become a co-organiser of the Festival of Planets. Your donation will help to remove not only the carbon footprint but also the garbage footprint of your participation. An extraterrestrial gift will be waiting at the Observatory box office for those who donate more than 200 CZK.

Space models | daily from 14.00 to 23.30

Check this page to see if the models are inflated.

Digitarium shows | daily from 14.00 to 23.00

About the Festival of the Planets, we offer programmes for the youngest spacefarers as well as for their parents and their parent’s parents. Some are in 2D format, others in 3D. We definitely recommend Astronaut 3D, suitable for children and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, a musical programme which we show at 8pm, 9.30pm and, quite exceptionally, 11pm during the festival.

Summer cinema with a space soul | daily from 21.30

Come and enjoy one of the beautiful science fiction or fantasy films. We always show them in the original version with Czech subtitles. Entrance to the cinema is free. Please bring your own refreshments. We sit on the floor, so bring a stool or blanket so you don’t unnecessarily transfer the kinetic energy of your body’s atoms to the atoms of planet Earth. Please note that this year, for the first time, we are not projecting on the facade of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium but in a nearby improvised cinema.

Summer Cinema with a Space Soul | July (always starts at 21:30)

July 10, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
July 11, Back to the Future (1985)
July 12, X-Men (2000)
July 13, X-Men 2 (2003)
July 14, The Fifth Element (1997)
July 15, The Island (2005)
July 16, Face to Face (1997)

Space Soul Summer Cinema | August (always starts at 9pm)

August 1, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)
August 2, The Dark Knight (2008)
August 3, A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
August 4, Constantine (2005)
August 5, Men in Black (1997)
August 6, Aliens (1986)
August 7, Terminator 2: Day of Reckoning (1991)
August 8, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Always in the original version with Czech subtitles! Change of programme subject to change.

The Secret of Temnalona | daily at 20.00

The dark side of the Earth is not black, featureless or static. Volcanic eruptions, auroras, lightning or meteors create visible light for milliseconds to days and weeks, even months. But the most apparent light is the manufactured light that banishes the darkness. Jiří Dušek, the director of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium and the commander of the miracle machine, will briefly talk about the form of the Temnalona every day (except July 13) at 8 pm.

The World at Night | exhibition in the park

Please stop by the 24-panel exhibition with large-scale images of our world. Most images were taken with handheld cameras by astronauts aboard the International Space Station as part of a long-term study of the Earth’s surface. Unlike robotic observatories, however, they don’t observe the Earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because of the base’s orbit, they cannot see around the North and South Poles. Still, they can observe phenomena in the upper atmosphere. Cities, fishing boats, borders between hostile countries, lightning, auroras, meteors, the mysterious light of the upper atmosphere… What do you expect to find in the exhibition?

Cosmonautical News | July 11 from 18.00

The barrage of events in the space industry has continued in the second quarter of 2023. Everyone probably associates this period with the first flight of a whole Super Heavy Starship assembly or the launch of Europe’s JUICE probe to explore Jupiter. This talk will cover these milestone events and smaller news items essential to the field. For example, we will discuss constructing a satellite network to study hurricanes or the commercial expedition to the International Space Station. That’s what Cosmonautics News II/2023 with Dusan Majer will be about.

Science Fiction Fans Meeting | July 12th at 20.00

Do you love space? But you want to appreciate the dark side of the force, so you got yourself a lightsaber. Does a warp core power your spaceship? Do you move along the filaments of a mycelial network or fly at excessive speeds? Are you afraid of the Cylons? Are you mesmerised by the beautiful voice of the Plavalaguna? Is your answer to these questions 42?

If so, on Wednesday, July 12 at dusk, walk to Cow Mountain – in costume, with a lightsaber or a communicator strapped on, either way with something glowing. Meet after 8pm, and at 9.30pm, a photo of all the spacefarers will be taken as they fearlessly and shamelessly traverse the universe.

Lightsaber Owners Reunion 2022.