Knowledge sharing from the research environment into urban development will be intensified


The City of Brno has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The aim is to actively use the knowledge of the many Brno institutes of the CAS in the development of the city. Both parties have committed themselves to support cooperation in research and development, promotion and popularisation of science in the fields of life and non-life sciences as well as social sciences and humanities.

The main purpose is to provide the city of Brno with results, ideas and suggestions that can be used to maintain the development of economic and industrial competitiveness in science and their practical applications, improve the environment and achieve a better quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.

Specifically, this will involve cooperation:

-> to map the possibilities of cooperation between the City of Brno and the research, development and popularization capacities of the CAS in the City of Brno and to inform each other about them,

-> in solving challenges in the development of the city, where the public administration can act as a recipient of innovations and research results of the CAS institutions (according to the principles of the so-called urban laboratory),

-> in the acquisition and implementation of projects funded from the national and international level (TA CR, Horizon Europe, etc.), where the city of Brno can act as an application partner or guarantor,

-> in the development of scientific potential of pupils and students in Brno,

-> to attract talented scientists and scientific teams with the ambition to achieve scientific excellence,

-> the presentation of Brno as a Central European centre of science, research, innovation and high technology among the professional and lay public from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The signing ceremony took place on Monday 11 September in the Knights’ Hall of the New Town Hall. It was attended by the Mayor of the city and the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Eva Zažímalová. Representatives of Brno institutes and branches of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, representatives of relevant municipal companies and the Brno City Municipality were also present.

Foto: M. Schmerková, Brno City Municipality