Spatial development & projects

Master plan 

The Master plan is a crucial document for the city’s development. This document provides the conditions for construction unavailable up to this point. Currently, the development strategy from 1994 is valid in Brno. This strategy has been updated multiple times and doesn’t suit the city’s existing requirements. By the end of 2022, the document will expire.

In March 2020, a proposal for the new development strategy for the City of Brno was made public and drafted by the Brno City Chief Architect’s Office. Throughout 2020, the public expressed its views and commented on the proposal. The authors of the development strategy are processing these ideas and considering updating the South Moravian Region Spatial Development Principles. Then a second proposal for the development strategy was drafted, made public, and editable in 2021. The entire process and publication of the development strategy proposal are available here:

Projects in Brno

Currently, the City of Brno is preparing or realising several strategic projects. You can learn more about the current status of significant projects, including the Main Railway Station and road closures, at the city’s website: Kopeme za Brno.

Using the app Brno Brzo, you can view other projects changing the face of the city, which are also being completed by private entities.  

Smart District

The City of Brno is the coordinator of a project aimed at transforming part of the grounds of the heating industry in Špitálka into a super-modern trendy neighbourhood.

The plan to renovate Špitálka is part of the RUGGEDISED project. Six cities are united in this project to show Europe how a metropolis can be built that consumes less energy, produces fewer emissions, is quieter, and is an overall more enjoyable and considerate place to live. 

More information: 

Brownfields in Brno

According to a definition, a brownfield is a property (land, building, compound) currently unused, abandoned, and possibly even contaminated. This may result from industrial, agricultural, residential, military, or other activities.

Total Brownfields recorded in the City of Brno database: 130 (total surface area of 377.51 ha)of which 18 have been revitalised.

Total Brownfields 100% owned by the City of Brno: 11 (total surface area of 24.75 ha).

You can find more information about Brownfields in Brno using the application.