Innovation and expansion

Looking for a business partner 

Using the virtual marketplace Cont(r)act, you can search for a potential business partner or collaborator. The Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce operates the project and is financially supported by the City of Brno. This service is free for companies from Brno and the South Moravian Region.   

Developing a new product/service/solution

Do you need assistance in developing your new product or service? Are you looking for funding for the prototype development phase?

The innovation agency JIC can provide consultation services, for example, via the programme financed by the City of Brno called Prototype and Verify.

Expand to foreign markets

As part of supporting international business, we work with the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, which offers small and medium companies in Brno and the South Moravian Region the opportunity to participate in trade missions abroad as part of the Centre of International Trade project. The trade missions are financed in part by the City of Brno. To search for business partners in European markets, you can also use the platform of the largest European network, the Enterprise Europe Network. Cooperation on the platform functions via its network of members. There are 6 member institutions in the Czech Republic. In Brno, these activities are provided by the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce (the company offers and inquires) and JIC (technological offers and inquires, technology transfer, collaboration in research and development).

Expat Service and integration

The City of Brno co-founded and financially supported the Brno Expat Centre, which offers services for highly-qualified workers from abroad, thus simplifying their start and integration in Brno. As a company, you can partner with this centre and utilise its rich offer of services, something your foreign employees are sure to appreciate.    

Business spaces

When searching for a suitable place for your office, workshop, or production hall, you can turn directly to the private real-estate offices with their detailed overview of current offers in Brno. Technology Park Brno offers spaces for rent for tech companies. The City of Brno also offers properties for rent or purchase to a limited extent.

Technology Park Brno is a campus-style business park that offers modern, category-A office spaces for rent. Because it’s located near the Brno University of Technology and several research centres, it offers specific advantages in the form of a qualified workforce and opportunities to cooperate with the university and other centres in the area. The City of Brno is the majority owner of the park.

Office and industrial zones, coworking in Brno

Coworkers in Brno  

Open a stand

The centre of Brno is the most popular place to open a stand. To find out how to contact the Brno Central Office’s Transport and Property Department directly. Contact the relevant city district if you plan to open a stand in another part of the city.

Testing of innovative solutions

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your offer. We’re open to innovative ideas. We’d happily consider your request and suggest the following steps in cooperation with our partners, local companies, and other institutions. Contact us at