Cooperation with the City of Brno

Would you like to cooperate with the City of Brno? On this page, you’ll find the current opportunities for cooperation, meaning the projects, tools, and challenges in which you can participate. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions, invite you to one of our events, or help you connect with partners from the business sector.

Opportunities for cooperation

I want the city to partner with me on a project

The City of Brno is often approached to participate in projects, e.g., as an application partner within the challenges of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Thus we are delighted to get involved in meaningful tasks. Therefore, you must contact us with a sufficient time reserve (min. two months for smaller projects, three or more months for larger projects) because the partnership can be assessed by the management departments and approved by the political representation in the official authorities of the City of Brno (Expert Commission, Brno City Assembly, Brno City Council).

Don’t hesitate to write to us at We’d be happy to make everything clear for you.

I want to use and share city data

Moreover, decisions about city development should always be based on data. Therefore, help us collect and publish valuable data or suggest a possible collaboration.

Furthermore, check out the website or contact our data team at

I want the mayor of Brno’s patronage for my event

Are you organizing an event or project in Brno that helps to increase the city’s prestige? Then you can request the mayor of Brno’s patronage and an individual subsidy of up to 50,000 CZK.

I want to help popularise science in the city

Days of Electron Microscopy, Brno Space Days, Festival of Science, and other events and activities are opportunities just for you! Join the other partners in helping us popularise the many events in our city throughout the year.

Write to us at, and we’ll find a way to get you involved.

I do something useful for the city and want to give the city access to my findings

Is your research focused on the City of Brno and its inhabitants? Do you think the results could be helpful and improve the quality of life in the city? Contact us, and we’ll figure out how to cooperate or whom to connect you with. One of our goals includes supporting contractual research.

Write to us at We’d be happy to hear your proposal

I want to find partners from the business sector for my research

Get assistance and support in the form of education or the searching and mediation of verified contacts, and support the innovative development of your scientific and research institution. This project is realized by the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and financially supported by the City of Brno.

Visit the website of the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce:

I want to know the strategic goals of the city and the South Moravian Region in the innovation policy

Suppose your activities fulfil the strategic goals of the current Regional Innovation Strategy. In that case, they can become part of the RIS action plan and be supported by the City of Brno or the South Moravian Region. The Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region emphasises connecting actors in the innovation ecosystem, such as universities and companies, or innovations in the public space.

For more information, visit the RIS JMK website.

I want to take part in presenting the City of Brno and the region abroad

Do you want to:

Promote your products/services internationally with a better image of your homeland or place of business;

Attract talented employees or students;

Help the place where you live;

Generally, the #brnoregion project was created for international marketing needs, which uses its website as a tool. This communication campaign aims to present Brno and the South Moravian Region as attractive places for innovative business, research, and development. Come and co-create this project with us and make Brno a better city.

By going to, you can use the photo bank or search for interesting data on the region.

I want to receive relevant information on events held in the city as well as comprehensive information and help

The Moravian Convention Bureau provides unbinding comprehensive information and a detailed overview of the capacity for conferencing and other spaces in Brno and South Moravia with an individual approach. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the MCB.