The faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology will prepare a static assessment of the former football stadium "Za Lužánkami."

ScienceSmart Brno

The Brno University of Technology will comprehensively assess the structural and technical condition of Brno’s former football stadium, “Za Lužánkami”. The contract was approved today by the Brno City Council.

“It will be a rather extensive set of works. Firstly a diagnostic survey of the structural elements and units of the stadium’s buildings will be carried out and evaluated. Followed by static calculations of their real mechanical load-bearing capacity according to currently valid standards. The result will then be a summary assessment of the structural, technical, and static condition of the structures, together with a proposal of the necessary construction measures to ensure the required safety of the building. We will also receive information on the so-called residual lifetime of the stadium,” said Tomáš Aberl, Brno City Councillor for Sport, adding: “As we have already announced, the assessment will also show whether under what restrictions or with what necessary modifications the stadium can be used temporarily.”

Four months duration of the contract from the signing contract due to the scope and severity of the works. The city will pay the developer CZK 713,800 without VAT.