Brno iD

Brno iD trend towards digitalisation

The City of Brno is considered a leader in digitising city services in the Czech Republic. And that’s because six years ago city launched the Brno iD e-shop. Since its conception, Brno has invested in Brno iD to provide you with the widest variety of services. Moreover, you can handle Brno iD online, even in your home.

Your online city identity
First, you must register your Brno iD to use the e-shop’s offers. And you can create a new account by entering your email and password. So it is all you’ll need to use most of the modules.

E.g. electronic public transport tickets, paying for waste management, purchasing BRNOPAS tourist cards, access to Brno Zoo or any public swimming pool. Suppose you would like to upgrade your Brno iD to a Full account.

In that case, you must verify your identity by completing the online application or showing your identity card at more than 30 cities’ contact points. And with Brno iD Full, you can participate in city surveys, join Jiří Mahen Library, and even renew your rental lots within Brno cemeteries.

How many users does the e-shop have?
By mid-February 2023 there were almost 380,000 registered users. Over 260k have Brno iD Full, and around 143k have Brno listed as their current residence.

Has the identification carrier gone missing? No problem! 
Overall your services belong to your account, not the card. Finally, that is the purpose and vital benefit of the Brno iD e-shop. In case of loss of the identification carrier, you can quickly transfer everything to a new one.

What sort of things can I do at the e-shop?